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REPLAY EPISODE - Cleaveland Wykoff (aka CJ Starz)

February 03, 2021 Hosts: Georgette Taylor & Tammy Fisher
In The Doll World™, doll podcast and YouTube channel
REPLAY EPISODE - Cleaveland Wykoff (aka CJ Starz)
Show Notes

REPLAY EPISODE - FOR OUR IN THE DOLL WORLD's 1ST ANNUAL WORLD OF BLACK DOLLS CELEBRATION WE WILL BE REPLAYING OUR PAST INTERVIEWS WITH BLACK DOLL CREATORS.  Join Tammy and Georgette as they talk with Cleveland Wycoff aka Cj Starz as he shares how he got started designing dolls, his love for this medium and how he is creating a new line of dolls with his newest company Studio XOXO!

Studio XOXO!’s Mission Statement: Studio XOXO!’s mission is to produce beautiful, high quality, ethnically diverse fashion dolls influenced by real people. Studio XOXO!’s vision is to create alternative choices for doll consumers who seek real world relatability and urban style authenticity.

Studio XOXO! has recently formed our Young Adult Collector Label aimed and addressing the ever-changing world of millennial Tweens/Teens while creating products that will capture their attention.

Cleveland has also established several doll groups: Founding member of the Black and Beautiful Doll Club and Social Life Dollwear group on Faceboook

The celebration continues to grow as more doll creators share in our giveaway! Currently, we have 8 dolls to giveaway! 

So far, the dolls include: a Mattel/Barbie Gabby Douglas from Curiositeej Dolls & Collectibles, Curiositeej Teej; Its Reuben doll by My Ville Dolls and Doreen Lawrence; Sunjai by Stacey Mcbride-Irby; a Fresh Doll from The Fresh Dolls by Dr. Lisa; One-of-a-Kind doll from Dolls for Our Daughters by Dr. Linda F. Beed; Daddy's Long Legs dolls by Karen Germany and gifted by Georgette Taylor; GlamourOZ Dolls from Jozef Szekeres, and a Queens of Africa doll donated by Slice of C.A.K.E. and made by Taofick Okoya.

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