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Gina King, Mini Food Specialist & Owner of Chef Gina's® Mini Food

August 24, 2022 Host: Georgette Taylor
In The Doll World™, doll podcast and YouTube channel
Gina King, Mini Food Specialist & Owner of Chef Gina's® Mini Food
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Show Notes

What a great interview with Chef Gina King, a mini food specialist and owner of Chef Gina's® Mini Food.

 From Professional Chef with a degree in culinary arts to mini food specialist and an avid doll collector herself, Gina shares with us her unusual and funny journey into creating mini food. 

Chef Gina's® is the Original Doll Food Creator established in 2000. She makes realistic food from Clay for fashion dolls and in various scales, from 1:6 (Barbie size), 1:4 (Gene size) scale, she also offers larger sized foods as well. Her mini food catalog is extensive, from, ham to full turkey dinners, pizza, delicious desserts like carrot cake and even pickles in a jar.

With such an extensive catalog, do you think you can guess how many items she has created?  Listen to the show to see if you right.

She also shares how Covid affected her business in a surprising, good ways considering what was and has been going on during these times.

Gina also shares how she is finding creative ways to keep her business relevant and growing and to help others in need.   Gina created, Foods of the World box sets, a part of the proceeds of those purchased boxed sets are donated to various organizations who are helping the people of Ukraine and others around the world in need of help.

She is also currently offering wonderful classes you can participate in online if you want to try your hand at making some mini foods, I can’t wait to make my first meal and share it with you all!

During our wonderful conversation she shared with so many more exciting things she has coming up.  I can’t wait for you to listen in!   

Chef Gina's® has also been featured in other multiple publications word wide, including the Dolls Magazine, Fashion Doll Quarterly, Barbie Bazaar, National Bison.

Chef Gina is also hosting her first Chef Gina's Mini Food Convention, online Sept 24th & 25th, to find out more about it and her mini foods please visit

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