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Sherri Roberts-Lumpkin, Founder of Ragbaby Exchange

July 27, 2022 Host: Georgette Taylor
In The Doll World™, doll podcast and YouTube channel
Sherri Roberts-Lumpkin, Founder of Ragbaby Exchange
Show Notes

This was a wonderful interview with a passionate doll and self-esteem advocate, Sherri Roberts-Lumpkin, Founder and Director of the Ragbaby Exchange. Listen  at

The Ragbaby Exchange is a non-profit organization committed to building self-esteem in women and children through doll making.

Sherri shares with us how her career morphed from fashion design major, to graphic artist, to doll maker and how her doll making skills offered her the opportunity to create a unique program that combines doll making with art therapy plus unique therapeutic practices to instill a sense of self-worth and self-love in the participant.

Our passionate and powerful conversation also talks about how, in her workshops, she still sees the continued struggle of children of color perceiving themselves as lesser individuals, and how her continued work through the Ragbaby Exchange demonstrates the continued need for diverse representation through dolls.

Her  workshops, “Your Inner Doll" and "Raising a Super Hero”, take deliberate steps toward the process of discovering how to achieve acceptance of one’s emotional well-being, and gives participants an opportunity to embrace their inner and outer beauty as expressed in and through the doll; a doll that allows them to put a little more love into their own hearts.

We also talk about how the pivot she had to make due to the pandemic created a unique way for her to bring her doll making and self-esteem workshops to more people online.

To learn more about Sherri and the Ragbaby Exchange, please visit:

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