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Acori Honzo, Sculptor, Doll Artist and Painter (Pt.1)

May 18, 2022 Host: Georgette Taylor
In The Doll World™, doll podcast and YouTube channel
Acori Honzo, Sculptor, Doll Artist and Painter (Pt.1)
Show Notes

An inspiring conversation with Acori Honzo, of House of Honzo, self-taught sculptor, painter, and doll artist on In The Doll World.

Our conversation was so enlightening that I truly found it hard to edit it down to just one show, so this interview will be published in 2 parts.  

Acori shares with In the Doll World his amazing journey into creating African American OOAK dolls, of history makers and icons that are inviting, realistic and powerful. 

His love of creating, from music to art to dolls was something that he had a talent for early on from as far back as he can remember. His journey into doll creating was not something he envisioned at all. 

He shares how his wife was the catalyst to him creating his first doll as well as her being a very integral part of him submitting his application to what has become the Cherry Street Pier. The Cherry Street Pier is a Philadelphia arts and community pier on Philly Waterfront.  From that application submission, Acori was 1 of 13 chosen, amongst many who applied, to become an artist in residence at The Cherry Street Pier, giving visitors from all over the world a glimpse of his magnificent work.

He also shares his immense appreciation for the doll community and how they have accepted him, helped him, and continue to encourage him and his work and how much that means to him.

He also reveals to us which doll has been the most emotionally challenging for him to create.

We also get to talk about something that really has been most fulfilling to him and that is how his dolls have helped to foster amazing conversations about race, acceptance, and history as he shares a few of those wonderful stories with us and so much more.

To learn more about Acori and his dolls visit him on Instagram @acorihonzo 


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